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Thanks for the feedback! After I posted this I figured out only about 75% auto scraped correctly, and sometimes it was the popular titles that didn’t make it. However, this is when they were all named incorrectly and filtered through goodtimes into new names. I’ve since found a rom download site that tends to have the roms already named correctly. In the end I will probably have to manually scrape and modify those unidentified roms a few times through until I have the base rom list easily identifiable. I might just manually scrape them in sections and weed out the crappy ones or rename them until the final product at which point I’ll of course have to do it manually from start to finish at this point.

Two questions I am wondering is whether the SD card write speed matters (ie 4 vs 10) or whether or not changing the the memory so that the pi has 256/512 vs 16/512.)

Another question: does anyone know what the file naming conventions are that are most easily identifiable by the ES-scraper? It seems like the most successful ones had a (U), a (!), and sometimes PRG. I’m guessing that (J) means japan and that (U) means US. Not sure what the exclamation point means. I started downloading the roms from since they appear to be named well. I’ve been going for standard (U) without (!) if its available, ignoring the (hacks) (j) (Unl) and (0# B#) labels.

If I had the list that ES-scraper uses to identify roms I bet this could be a lot easier does anyone know how to access this?

Many thanks for all the input and help!

P.S. I started deleting Doom, duke3d, apple2, x86, and cavestory so that the gui loads only the emulators/roms the user has access to since I’m doing a usb controller only interface. This leaves the input config left, which someone could accidentally run and reset the game-exit. Does anyone know how to disable the input config screen? Thanks!

P.P.S. I discovered with the naming convention that (U) means US and (!) means verified good dump, so I’m going to test the difference between (!) roms and roms without the (!) label.