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[quote=2750]I don’t expect that many people will have this problem, but if they do, all I did was update the setup-script, then just re-installed RetroArch (not PSX, like I tried the first time).

How, exactly do you do that? And will it erase all of my configurations? FYI I used a pre-made Raspbian+Emustation+RetroPie+XBMC image and I can’t seem to run retropie_setup.sh (it’s in /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup).

pi@xbmc-fu ~ $ cd RetroPie-Setup/
pi@xbmc-fu ~/RetroPie-Setup $ ls
AUTHORS    retropie_setup.sh  supplementary  wiki
README.md  scriptmodules      tools
pi@xbmc-fu ~/RetroPie-Setup $ retropie_setup.sh
-bash: retropie_setup.sh: command not found

A linux noob btw :)

ah ok, a simple git pull (I think? Is that what it’s called?) is all that I need to do. Still, feels weird to me to suddenly not being able to run it.

Anyway, I’m still unable to open RGui with any keyboard buttons or the joystick buttons. I’m using Logitech K400r btw.