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Thanks for the help motorhead. I logged back in via ssh to try to figure out if I’m logged in as root or not. I tried to delete one of the files again first, and it worked. So I’ve gone through and deleted all of them. (they were showing up as hidden files beginning with *__) Not sure why I couldn’t delete them before, but they’re gone now and everything is showing up correctly in emulationstation.

Your ideas about the gamelist.xml got me thinking though. I didn’t run es_scraper for this particular version of my gaming system because in the past it didnt rename everything correctly and I didn’t have time to go through and manually edit all the gamelist.xml files. So I dont think I have any gamelist.xml (doesn’t that only happen when you run es_scraper?) although none of my rom names are showing up with any underscores in emulationstation, even though I know the file name has it, so there’s gotta be some sort of gamelist.xml doing that right? I dont see it in my rom folders but I cant remember if that’s where they’d be.

anyway, its fixed now, working beautifully and I dont have storage space issues anymore thanks to the usb flash drive. I also haven’t had any sd card corruption even when the system freezes and I have to manually shut the power off. I was having a lot of issues with that when my roms and saves files were being stored on the sd card. I definitely recommend usb storage for roms, although it does take up one of your usb spots. but that can be solved by adding a powered usb hub or using a controller adapter where both controllers can hook into one usb port. there’s one on amazon for snes controllers that works great.