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did you fix this? Or have I to do something special here? Everyone is talking about a menu, after the start of uae4rpi, but there isn’t one.

In directory /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/uae4rpi there is the executable uae4all. Is this correct? uae4rpi != uae4all
If I start uae4all without the kick.rom file, I see only a black screen which leaves back to terminal. According to the documentation (docs/README), the emulator should work without the kick.rom file.
Regardless of the above, with the kick.rom file I see the “Kickstart Boot Picture”. And thats it. No menu. I can’t only reset the emulation (TAB+r) or quit (TAB+q).

I had only success with the floppy file named df0.adf. Thats my renamed gamerom.

Is this whole thing a bug or am I doing something wrong?