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Hey, that is AWESOME!
Dogga (my son) LOVES that idea of being able to save his game.

4 days eh!
You’re obviously quite a bit more intelligent than an old-fart mechanic & a 12 year old boy. Funny, I thought 12 year old boys knew EVERYTHING! lol.

We’ve had ours a week now & all we managed to get sorted was grafting an old car DVD monitor to the composite out & getting most (SUPER NINTENDO doesn’t play nice) emulators to display the games nicely on that particular screen.

To be honest, grafting the screen to the Raspberry Pi was a tad more involved than we gave it credit for. The pin-outs on the jacks were completely different so we had to decipher those, then jury-rig them together, then work out how to get it to display nicely. (again, we haven’t quite worked out how to get SUPER NINTENDO to display nicely yet but others are nice).

But now it’s done, we’re gonna try & get the raspberry pi moulded inside the rear casing of the screen & just hang a couple of USB ports out the side of it as well.

That way, he’ll have a portable RetroPie that he can play in the car & caravan.

Thanks again Peter,
we REALLY appreciate your help mate.