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Oh sorry, my bad, I didn’t have both joysticks plugged in.

I ran that command & it took me through a setup procedure that has the following buttons / movements to map:

B button (down)
Y button (left)
Select button
Start button
Up D-pad
Down D-pad
Left D-pad
Right D-pad
A button (right)
X button (top)
L button (shoulder)
R button (shoulder)
L2 button (trigger)
R2 button (trigger)
L3 button (thumb)
R3 button (thumb)
Left analog X+ (right)
Left analog X- (left)
Left analog Y+ (down)
Left analog Y- (up)
Right analog X+ (right)
Right analog X- (left)
Right analog Y+ (down)
Right analog Y- (up)

So, we know this is “mapping” button presses & stick movements to the config file:

But so we’re clear, our Speed-link Competition Pro USB joystick controllers have only 4 buttons & 1 joystick which (when pressed) return the following values:

Bottom Right Round Button = “0”
Bottom Left Round Button = “1”
Middle Right Triangle Button = “2”
Middle Left Triangle Button = “3”
Joystick Left Move = “Axis 0, Value 32767”
Joystick Right Move = “Axis 0, Value -32767”
Joystick Up Move = “Axis 1, Value 32767”
Joystick Down Move = “Axis 1, Value -32767”

So can we go in to the config file & manually type these in & also delete any unnecessary ones? As the above procedure has was too many things for these joysticks.