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Hi tmar89,

Hope you are well.

I’ve just built my new 3.6 image on my Pi3, the controls are almost there (need to test in more games), thing is the save and load state buttons work, but I now get the errors:

on savestate – “Vice error – Cannot save snapshot image”
on loadstate – “Vice error – Cannot read snapshot image” (I guess because there is no save”

Have you got this issue?


I have upgraded my RP, but I don’t recall if I can save or not. I will have to check later. However, I am having issues when I start an emulator, I get a warning that the emulator config cannot be saved.

Ok, so I messed with this for over an hour now. I’ve tried setting the Save State file to multiple locations and it just won’t hold even after saving the vice configuration in the GUI. In the sdl-vicerc file, I tried setting EventSnapshotDir=”/home/pi/.vice/” and forcing it, but it doesn’t work. I suspect there is either a missing setting in here, or it’s just broken.

Each time Vice runs, it defaults to /opt/retropie/supplementary/emulationstation for a snapshot.vsf file. So instead of fighting it, I copied an already created snapshot file to that folder and made sure it was owned by “pi”. Just use “sudo mv”. Now it works, but it only holds the C64 state of whatever the most recent cartridge or rom used. So if you play Zaxxon and save a state, then go to play Transformers, it will load Zaxxon.

The only other way to do this is manually go into the menu each time you load a rom and have specific state files in /home/pi/. Vice cannot go inside a directory that starts with a “.” so don’t use /home/pi/.vice/.

If you figure anything out, let me know please. Otherwise, this is the best option.