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Thank you stakstar, but it still does not work for me.

I changed the number to 4 in autoconf.cfg and I also made a reset of the input mapping when doing “configure input” in Emulationstation again.
Then I was stuck at the time/date settings again and then I did exchange the mapping file with my backup of “controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg”.
I wonder why your mapping file is named “controller_XboxGamepad(userspacedriver).cfg”
I don’t have this file in the folder. But I think, it wouldn’t make a difference how the file is called?

My emu.cfg looks the same as yours, but only the mapping file is called different but this is the mapping file that I’ve edited so that all controls are the same as real DC controller.

Where do I find that userspacedriver? Do I have to install it manually?
My wireless controllers work great in all other emulators… only Reicast has problems with more than one controller.