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[quote=122134]Thanks so much for trying to help. As stated in my original post, I have tried bluetoothctl, but it doesn’t seem to be working as it’s supposed to.

I get the [bluetooth]# prompt, but it’s not blue even when my device is in pairing mode, and I can’t type anything at the prompt. There is a flashing cursor, but typing does nothing. I can only type command C to restore the command line.

Hopefully somebody can find a clue in all of this. Again, my BT dongle does work, and I have a PS3 controller working just fine via BT. However, I’m trying to connect an 8bitdo controller and my system’s Register and Connect is not working (as described in OP), and I can’t utilize bluetoothctl as described here and in the OP.
Aha. I didn’t read your top post well enough. Anyway, I just couldn’t understand why bluetoothctl won’t respond. And then I read the RetroPie site you mentioned on ‘Setting up a bluetooth controller‘. And lo and behold. Scoll down that page to the section “Troubleshooting”. And indeed, the software needed to get the PS3 controler working is messing up the “standard” bluetooth Linux utilities (or drivers?).

Your problem is “sixad” which is needed to get the PS3 controller working. For all it$ money the PS3 controller is probably not stadard BT compliant (why would it need special software then). Unfortunately you have to choose between the PS3 controller or other BT devices. The following is said to solve tour BT probs but disabled the PS3 controller:

sudo apt-get --purge remove sixad

Good luck! :)

P.S. Wanna have an extra controller w/ some more buttons and sticks other than your SNES30 8bitdo? I know it aint no PS3 controller but its cheap and works without drivers. The Thrustmaster T Wireless. See for instance