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Must be close now, there seem to be two programs that can clean up the roms so that they work. One is called romcentre, one is called clmame, it seems romcentre is easier to use so another download and then it starts, wants a data file. Can’t seem to find one around, but when I use FileZilla to check the Pi there is a clmame.dat file on the mame directory, that must be the same thing. Copy it over, load it to romcentre, and give romcentre the location of my space invaders rom. It shows as red, i.e. bad! That’s good! I click on the fix button, it now shows as green, so I move it to another folder on my pc to keep it safe and use FileZilla to copy it to the Pi. Once more back to the TV, another start, and again missing files. It seems I might have actually run out of options here, nothing else I have found seems to apply. So before I give up there is one more option, wipe the SD card completely and reload from scratch in case I broke it. So back to the start, download retropie 3.6, wipe the SD card and load the retropie image. Format the USB stick, create the folder, insert and the roms folders are created. Copy over the green space invaders rom to the USB, insert it into the Pi, restart the Pi. Last chance…….and there it is, just like I remember it, space invaders!