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Next step, write the image to your SD card. My PC has a SD card slot so I inserted the SD card using an adapter and then downloaded and installed WIN32DiskImager. When you run this be careful, it can default to your C drive as the one to be written! So select the unpacked file, select the SD card, and press the write button. After a short pause, it says it’s ready! From here it should be a short hop to space invaders and galaga I’m sure. So you insert the SD card in the slot on your Pi and fire it up, again it complains about a date and time being in the future (does this a lot), talks about dirty bits (I don’t ask what a dirty bit might be, all seems to go past anyway) and then shows a pretty pie picture with a joystick, all looking great! Then it starts emulationstation, some guides tell you it will go into a prompt mode where you can expand the filesystem on the SD card but mine didn’t so I moved on. And next roadblock, I don’t have any way of controlling it. So a hunt around shows that the logitech F310 is a good choice, order one of those and wait. So if you are doing this yourself, buy the controller at the same time as the Pi.