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1-if I use the retroarch menu to edit settings within a rom and I go to “save new retroarch” or whatever it says, I get the error “cannot save to retropie/configs/a…” but it cuts off so I never see the end.

2-The cooy and pasting wasn’t working so well for me. I’m a major noob in linux so I’m still getting my bearings. I’ll try nano next time since I’ve used it before.

3- I bought the most recent model b from adafruit so I hope it has the full 512mb. Is there a way to check?

4-Do you know how I would go about making the seperate snes emulators appear different in ES? I’m assuming it involves the es_systems.cfg again or maybe a different setting?

5-one last thing since you’ve been so helpful, do you know anyway to set up controls for mame so that they stick? Its the last piece of the puzzle for me and I really wanted to fix that