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I just tossed that last question in as I thought about it before hitting enter for the main question is all, sorry.

I run sselph’s scraper in the command prompt (after hitting f4), but whenever I do it for the mame folder it never finds anything at all. I usually just run scraper -thumb_only for all of my systems. This always saves them in the images folder within the systems (rom) folder.

I already have images for the mame games but it’s not seeing them so I’m guessing I’d need to have it change where it’s looking. I think my xml file is from an older install possibly which is the issue and why it’s looking in a different location. I was just wondering if I could point it to the newer location in an easy way.

Still kinda new to all of this but I always try to look around a lot before posting because even if I don’t see a post about it I know i’m not the only one that has ever asked.