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Just joined up to say many thanks for doing this, as a new user (Just got a Pi3) things like this make it super easy to get started. I read earlier this week you were planning to do the triple boot image and decided to wait for it, glad I did!

A couple of quick questions if you don’t mind…

1) I’ve only ever installed openelec to my micro SD card and have it set up the way I like, what’s the easiest way transfer the settings and database/fanart etc… across to this new build ?

2) You mention installing to USB due to the size, I am currently using a 32gb Micro SD card and have no idea how to install to USB, is it worth doing to avoid any other problems (have read about corruption of the Micro SD)

Again thanks for the build, sorry if the questions are obvious but I’ve read that much information lately I’ve managed to confuse it all!