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Hi petrock!

unfortunately I have no idea on how to issue a pull request :( For sure I could describe and detail the installation steps, this is what I’m doing hereafter!

* to install the new Fullspeed, perfect-frame PCE-CD core (LINK)
1. download the zip archive provided in the link above
2. unzip it in some temp directory (this creates a “pce” directory)
3. copy the pce/cores/ file over the /opt/retropie/emularcores/mednafen-pce/

$ sudo cp pce/cores/ /opt/retropie/emularcores/mednafen-pce/

4. copy the retroarch binary from pce/retroarch to /opt/retropie/emulatorcores/Retroarch

$ sudo cp pce/retroarch /opt/retropie/emulatorcores/Retroarch/

5. copy over the retroarch core options file to the configs folder

$ sudo cp pce/cfg/.retroarch-core-options.cfg /opt/retropie/configs/all/ 

6a. edit EmulationStation “systems” file (vi .emulationstation/es_systems.cfg) and locate the PC Engine section. In the COMMAND line, look for and replace it by
6b. alternatively you could simply rename the new core file to to replace the older one.

$ sudo mv /opt/retropie/emularcores/mednafen-pce/ /opt/retropie/emularcores/mednafen-pce/

* uae4all2 (LINK)
it seems that there is no way to configure a controller yet (conf hardcoded) so might be wise to wait a bit more to include it within Retropie?

hope this helps.