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[quote=11954]the hotkeys do not work for mame, as mame still uses its own config it seems, so if i have my keyboard plugged in i just do the whole “tab” thing and go from there. But i don’t want to use a keyboard every time i want to configure a game for mame, also it doesn’t save any changes i make. how can i get mame to use the same settings as everything else?[/quote]

The mame emulator cannot save the config since you’re running mame as pi user. The config folder in the mame emulator belongs to the root user, so you’re not allowed to make any changes to that folder. The easiest thing would be to run mame one time by hand as root user
configure your controls by pressing [tab] and then restart emulationstation. The pi should now have your new controls saved. The other solution would be to change the ownership of the config file but that is a bit more complicated.