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sorry, yeah, true, daft as it is :)

Yeah but that also means that the pi 2 doesn’t struggle for most emulators.

I only had a few emulators/games that where able to make the pi 2 use 100% of one core.

Here are some cases I checked:
lr-snes-9x with super FX games (but easily solved with lr-pocketsnes…)
mame4all with dodonpachi reached 100% but solved with lr-fba-next who never reaches more than 50% without fba overclocking setting* (around 95% with 200 for fba overclocking setting*)
lr-pcsx-reamred doesn’t move from 50% except with few games like some specific magic spells in FF9 or specific parts of Broken Sword 2(but it is emulation glitches IMHO)

For those we are interested in (N64, DC and PPSSPP) I didn’t check actually… would be interesting to verify later today.

*It’s a setting that allows to emulate the original plateforme but overclocked (max 200 wich is 200%). It’s usefull to remove some slowdowns on games that where lagging on the original machine (like the metal slug serie on neogeo for exemple).

[/quote]my findings were different – I do understand how top works I was just miss typing. I doubt any emus run at 25% cpu.

pcsx maxes the pi2 cpu at 2x resolution (it renders everything in software) and I’m sure it spikes to 100% at some games like tekken 3 that have brief hitches at regular resolution. I don’t use fba over mame for various reasons, so mame improvements are important to me.it also maxes with 32x games.

mileage may vary …