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even mortal kombat 2 3 and umk3 are very playable with lr-mame2003 couldn’t try it before though since i had retropie 1.6 with only mame4all set up before i upgraded to retropie 3.6 with a pi3 now i use both mame4all and lr-mame2003 so i only see the diffrence from pi model b+ to pi3 although i do have a pi2 and one of the things i want to see is how psp ran on the pi2 since (at least for me) it’s not impressive on the pi3 had expected more. But comming from my 1.6 model b+ picade setup to retropie 3.6 pi3 does make a (huge) diffrence for other roms / emulators and i like lr-mame2003 as well it has nice speeds as well lr-mame2010 on the other hand does not but that’s probably because it’s a newer, haven tried the current mame versions from experimental but i doubt it’ll run decent.

Will try to switch my sd card from picade to my pi 2 once and compare a few emulators. i’m wondering about the differences myselve