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I’m wondering if the current problem for DC, PSP and N64 really comes from the CPU.

From Pi2 to Pi3 CPU has really been improved but the GPU is still the VC IV (overclocked that’s it) with the same drivers…

My bet is the VC IV doesn’t have enough horsepower and/or the drivers are shit.

If you take a look at what a simple Odroid C1 can do…you realize that it can run DC full speed:

Neither the Pi2 nor the Pi3 can do that…

The Odroid C1 has a quad core A5 at 1.4 Ghz wich is < Pi3 CPU…but the Odroid C1 also has a dual core Mali 450…wich is significantly faster than the Pi VC IV.

N.B.: Hope I didn’t make to much mistakes, English is not my native language (French is…)…