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Some users have been posting questions regarding PSX/32X/SNES/etc performance and I do not believe there were any issues regarding these on the old RPi2 (overclocked at least). Please correct me if I am wrong.

32X is quite slow on RPI2 (even overclocked) and SNES has problems with games using enhancement chips such as SA1 and Super FX. Not sure about PSX as I haven’t tried it.

I should be getting a RPI3 in a few days and I’m hopeful that it will be just fast enough to play the problematic SNES games at full speed. Not so hopeful about 32X though.
I think it should also be fast enough to play some of the MAME games that struggled a bit on the RPI2.

Tests I’ve seen state an an increase in speed of 60% in single core mode over RPI2 – that is quite a big difference if true.

I have to reserve judgement until I get to do some tests but for me if it’s fast enough to play the problematic SNES games and Mame games it will be worth every penny.