I’ve just set up RetroPie 3 on a new Pi 3.

I’ve overclocked the Arm to 1300, and the sdram to 500. Whilst it is stable, in a stress test running all four cores it hits 82 degrees c and throttles back (I’ve been reading that the SoC heat output varies wildly on the Pu 3, with one report that fully and overclocked to 1500 it is only hitting 60c…)

As the emulators all appear to be single-threaded the heat-thrittling isn’t an issue, so far

PlayStation emulation is excellent even with enhanced resolution output.

N64 emulation is a different matter; using mupen64plus (non-libretro) on an overclocked Pi 2, on RetroPie 2.6, Mario 64 is flawless, Mario Kart is 95‰, although most other titles are very rough.

On RetroPie 3.6 on Pi 3, Mario 64 is fine, Mario Kart seems worse. I hoped GoldenEye would be playable, but it seems worse if any thing.

It appears that the renderers are outputting much higher resolution visuals than before, even when the resolution is set to 320×200, and the framebuffer set accordingly.
I’ve tried various all three plugins, but don’t seem able to match the performance of the older, slower, system on the new setup.

Any hints on how to configure n64 on RetroPie 3, on a Pi 3 will be gratefully received – I’m new to Retropie 3.x, having stuck with 2.6 since last May, and perhaps I’ve missed some fundamentals.

In case it’s significant, I installed RetroPie on top of Noobs Raspbian (updated and upgraded), as I intended to multi-boot with Osmc.