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[quote=118409]Well it seems the video file I was using is prolly not good.
How would one generate one from the DVD? I’m guessing the .bf files aren’t useable.
Any word on which DVDs are supported?
Does it have to be an .m2v file?

And last but not least:

what does the lair.txt (or dle21.txt) do exactly? Is it a sort of video frame skipper to tell it where to begin with its playback?

Wow that’s a lot of questions :p


Yeah, the frame file just lists the ‘start’ frame for each one of the video files.
The DVD rip I have has each scene as its own m2v file, but I know there’s other rips where there’s one file for the entire disc.

Daphne uses libmpeg2, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be modded to support other video formats and different libraries (or the pi’s hardware video decoders perferably).

The GPL’ed source tarball for daphne is *really* old software and a lot of it’s poorly written, so it’d probably benefit from a rewrite (and using more robust microprocessor emulators that the ones written specifically for Daphne), but who’s got that kind of time ;)