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I haven’t pulled the new retropie package, since I compiled from source a couple weeks back, but if anyone’s interested, I’ve added support to drive an external LED scoreboard over USB.

Windows daphne builds control the scoreboard over the parallel port (and I started making repro scoreboards with DB25s for daphne about 15 years ago), but since newer PCs generally lack parallel ports, I developed a little USB dongle to interface to both original and repro scoreboards.

The only added dependency is libftdi1, which compiles cleanly on the pi.

Since there’s no ‘official’ source repository anymore, it’d be good to get my new code into the retropi git at least :)

I’ll drop a video on youtube.

Daphne / Pi with USB scoreboard

It’d be nice to do a build that uses the Pi’s hardware mpeg decoder instead of libmpeg as well.