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OK, so I’ve managed to get everything working, THANKS for this, it was a HUGE help. I’m still running into an issue though, mainly with the FBA emulators.

Initially I was having an issue where button #1 for P2 (player 2) wasn’t working in MAME. This was fixed easily by pressing tab when in a MAME ROM and manually fixing the input.

I’m now having a similar issue with FBA games (CP1-3 mainly) where P2’s #7 and #0 buttons aren’t functioning correctly. #7 should be P2 Start, but instead it’s functioning as if it were #1 (low punch in fighting games). Meanwhile, button #1 is functioning as button #7.

Any idea how to fix this? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious general setting for FBA like there is in MAME (tab doesn’t work).

Let me know your thoughts.