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[quote=117520]Installed on Pi2. Setup was smooth and simple.

I did run into one odd parsing issue that hasn’t happened to me before, so for anyone else out there, this may help:

My Space Ace framefile lists the .m2v files in lower case. However, almost all of the video files themselves are named with upper case characters. Daphne would not parse the files because it could not find them (framefile references appear to be case-sensitive), so. . . inside the ace.daphne video file folder:

rename ‘y/A-Z/a-z/’ *

That took care of the video files easily enough. I tried launching Ace again and this time parsing completed just fine and the game ran smoothly.


I should have mentioned the case issue before in my testing. I had the same issue with rom names and had to change the case on all of them. Not a big deal, but it’s good to let others know so they are prepared in advance.

I’ve tested DLE21/Lair and Space Ace, not been able to get Cobra Command to run yet as it’s using conversion roms, but still playing around with it when I have time. I’ve got a full collection of Laser Disc games on my cabinet I need to copy off and stick on the 2 to see how they run.

Very cool to see this happening on the PI platform.