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[quote=117266]Ok .. way too choppy. I tried pushing the OC on this particular PI to Turbo, but it would just lock up. Reverted it back to High.

I might try moving the roms/video file to a USB stick or HDD and see if makes a difference as the scard isn’t the fastest and it’s a big video file. I doubt it’ll help much, but you never know. Also need to play with the daphne settings (resolution, buffers, etc) and see if any changes there make a difference.

I have to say it is pretty cool seeing that little B start it up tho!


I see that the video files from this game have the extension “m2v”. If I am not mistaken that means “mpeg2 video”. You’ll probably need the mpeg2 licence key for the Raspberry Pi for it to play these Mpeg2 files (see Do you have said key?

Thank you all for experimenting w/ this. I’m looking forward to reading the Retropie Wiki on this! :)