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[quote=116926]May be worth putting up a github repo just for convenience in building a module for the retropie setup script (if that’s at all possible)

I like that idea – since a git repo would also welcome anyone to improve it.

out of curiosity did you implement this?

No, nothing so bold…

I was mucking with the code to fix errors as they came up for a little bit. Until I realized that I was only fixing treat-warnings-as-errors errors.

What’s really needed to build Daphne is installing a few atypical libraries and creating some makefiles with the right defines and build flags. Then it just worked.

Still looking into how to assign emulationstation button mappings. And oddly, a BASH script that I lazily threw into roms/ports/ runs and quits fine at the command line; but from ES will lock the Pi up when I quit. I’m not overclocking. Does that issue sound familiar?