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Thanks for the answers!

My RetroPie-Project goes ahead and I think I need some base support.
All hardware is available and now the tinkering and programming can start.

So thats the plan:
I have an old rotary phone and want to use it as the case for my raspberry pi 2. Instead of the normal RetroPie Gui I will show my own user interface where all available games are displayed with a “phonenumber”. The user can then dial a number to start a specific game. Probably there will be no more than 10 games.

I think the answers above will help me to start the game, but a few questions are still open:

How can I start my own programm while system start, instead of the RetroPie GUI?
Which programming language should I use? (I have some experience with C#, Java, C and Python)

I’m thankful for every tip.