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[quote=109809]I have the exact opposite issue, keyboard is the only way I can navigate ES, my PS3 controller only works in the games.[/quote]

you just blew my mind.

Im pretty sure that whichever device you use to complete the configuration on first boot is the device that will be used in ES. You can redo this config by either pressing the mapped start or select button- cant remember which one.

I went home last night and did a little bit of drinking and had some friends over. Im not sure exactly what transpired, but i feel i have made peace with my situation. I beat Mortal Kombat on Genesis after 2 decades of not playing it. I ran the PS3/Bluetooth install, and then the ReatroArch Input setup for my PS3 controller. Tonight i want to try the RetroArch Input config for my keyboard and see if they work simultaneously, or if the keyboard overtakes the joypad as default. Ideally, i’d like both to work. I will post results.