Ah, thanks so much for the explanation, dankcushions! Very interesting. So it sounds like if I replace Select with any other gamepad hokey it will have the same problem where the button can’t actually be held. But in the case of Select most games don’t require it to be held so generally it works out fine. You know what, I’ve had issues with the hotkeys before (accidental reset, etc) and I think I’m going to attempt to disable all the gamepad hotkeys and just use a keyboard if I want to exit the game or save state. This isn’t ideal but it should be a nice workaround for me.

Thanks again for the info!

Edit: I’ve scrubbed through this video and at the 21 minute mark Floob describes the Select button as the ‘enable hokey button’, similar to holding alt on the keyboard if you have your keyboard hotkeys set up that way. Thanks to herbfargus for providing the link to this video previously.