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Ahaaa! Instead of being lazy I should have read your Wiki page before I posted, as the answer was right there!

By default it is coded to play the video all the way through before emulationstation loads, no matter how long the video- for a raspberry pi 1 a good video time is ~20-40 seconds, for the rpi 2 a good video time is ~5-10 seconds. if you wish to have emulationstation cut off your video as to make a seamless boot sequence you need to edit /etc/profile.d/10-emulationstation.sh and delete the first line from this:

while pgrep omxplayer &>/dev/null; do sleep 1; done
[ “tty” = “/dev/tty1” ] && emulationstation

so it looks like this:

[ “tty” = “/dev/tty1” ] && emulationstation

Just tried it and it worked fine, thanks! :) Please ignore my question above!

All the best.