Too expensive for too little, IMO. Sure it’s nice and the form factor is small, but it’s barely less expensive than some of the lower end Intel NUC models.

While a unit like this might be powerful enough to emulate just about everything up through the Dreamcast, the price point doesn’t justify what amounts to the ability to play a few more N64 games. PSX is almost 100% solid on the RPi 2, and this thing is not remotely powerful enough to emulate any/many PS2 or GCN games, so you end up paying $60 USD for a minor increase in the overall supported games list.

Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. If you like this then by all means, back it – the more maker boards out there, the more makers and the more community we have, I just personally don’t see the benefits here.

IMO a better option would be for RetroPie to add support for something like the Odroid C1+. This is a Quad-Core 1.5ghz ARMv7 board with the exact RPi form factor and a Mali 450 graphics chip (which is probably at least on part with VC IV, if not better).

In fact, I’ve been thinking about getting one of these just to see if I could hack RetroPie into working on it. I can’t see it being that difficult to accomplish – mostly I’d just need to alter Retropie’s boot config to load the Mali 450 module instead of Videocore IV.