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[quote=109447] @davej: That shader looks great for running on a Pi at decent speeds. Are you testing it with more heavier systems, mame games perhaps? It’d be great if it could be the end all solution to getting a consistent nostalgia look to all retroarch systems.

I’m focusing entirely on the Pi2 at the moment but it should run on anything supporting OpenGL ES2. I’ll make it compatible with OpenGL 2.1 before release so it can be used with desktop GPUs.

I’ve only tried it with SNES games but it’s a Retroarch shader and so should work with emulators supported by that.

It probably won’t make a good solution for all systems. It’s been designed to work within the limits of the Pi2. Faster GPUs will be able to run more complicated shaders – and multi-pass ones which are performance killers for the Pi. It will probably be good for other mobile GPUs.