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I will start again I think. I have a bartop with 2 USB controllers for the 2 players, so when I first installed Retropie it asks me to set up the detected joysticks and buttons which I have done and I can successfully navigate through ES. So this is saved in opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/{yourcontroller.cfg}?

I think my override of the retroarch.cfg file in the Megadrive folder and others for example works for me is that I require the select buttons and start buttons to be different as I have buttons with the player 1 symbol and start on them. I could be wrongwrong.

On the bartop I have an exit button that has in the passed be used to instantly quit out of a game in emulator, it is seen as button 8 in my old configs and in retroarch when I press it, but I just can’t get it to exit games and back to ES.