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[quote=109140]so why is it called a scrapper? its not scrapping.[/quote]
That is what Aloshi called it in ES so I just used the same terminology. It does actually scrape HTML for MAME info.

[quote=109140]I hope they add support for the api to return your choice of game artwork (boxart, screenshot, title etc)[/quote]
The API returns all the images that are available. boxart is almost always there where screenshot, etc are less common. My script, if run from the command line, you can accept the flags -mame_img or -gdb_img depending on which system type you are processing. You can see how to use these with -help

[quote=109144]How hard is it to add a new system…So the matching of hash to id you would’ve had to have done that manually? or did you create a tool[/quote]
To add a new system I have to find a set of hashes for the rom set. Typically from no-intro. I have to determine how the rom data is formatted. Some systems like nes have headers which aren’t included in the hash. Some systems like megadrive and n64 have multiple encodings for the same data so I have to convert them on the fly to the correct format. Once I’ve determined how to hash a file, I started mapping hash to ID with the help of some scripts and spreadsheets. So it has some automation but still very manual.

[quote=109144]for arcade games (in particular mame) could you use the mameinfo dat files to create the xml gamelists?[/quote]
For arcade platforms I am not doing the best job. I use the name since that is a good key for these systems then I scrape mamedb.com/game/(name) plus some info from a history file. I should try and map the name to the correct name for the mame version, but what I have has been good enough for most people.