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[quote=109118]Sorry where in retropie-setup script do I install this?[/quote]

Sorry I haven’t actually used this from the menu to see but I’ve heard people say the experimental area. Should say something like “Scraper for EmulationStation by Steven Selph”. Herbfargus would know.

[quote=109135]actually its not, switching from a scrapping solution to an api is wayyyyyyyy different and way more efficient, faster and customizable[/quote]

My scraper(for console roms) maps the contents of the rom(via hashing) with the ID in thegamesdb to query the API. It then formats the API response in the format suitable for the XML. This is a fairly efficient method for the systems I have built the mappings for since it only downloads what is needed and doesn’t perform any unneeded search API calls.

There is a project that is attempting to do something like you mention. It relies on the file naming to be done according to the no-intro naming. They used my scraper to seed much of the information.