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@steveowl if you type this line, is your output the same as dalehitchy posted above?
“nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/Xin-Moxin-MoDualArcade.cfg

Thanks – but do you have buttons for Player 1 / Credit style, which would be your start and select buttons? Any others at all? (As I’m thinking maybe something relates to button 8 and 9 – does the jstest output name the buttons?)

Anyway bsaed on your info try replacing the info in your Xin-Moxin-MoDualArcade.cfg with this:

If that doesnt work, try adding this to a system based retroarch.cfg.
For example: /opt/retropie/configs/megadrive/retroarch.cfg

Although if you are only ever going to use that controller, you could just add it to the file /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg