Banjo Tooie: Initial cut screens play fine (better than Rice), however once finished the graphics don’t render properly (everything is white, except Banjo)

Donkey Kong 64 (Kiosk Demo): Plays perfectly.

Earthworm Jim 3D: Seems to be perfect!

F1 World Grand Prix: Seems to be perfect!

Kirby 64: Audio stuttering during some cut screens, menus are fine, gameplay seems perfect.

Mario Golf: Played a round of mini golf – experienced graphical glitches but was definitely playable.

Mega Man 64: Works perfectly

Perfect Dark: Writing illegible (garbled), lots of slowdowns. Unplayable.

Super Smash Bros. Intro video runs slowly, audio stutters at menus, game slows down when more than 2 characters are on the screen at the same time, but is still playable.