Hi epe,

I’ve done that and are copying the files (30 gigs) over ssh to the raspi while I’m at work. I hope it works. Another thing I realized is, that there are missing cue files for some PS1 games. I’m not really familiar with emulators, so I’m not sure how important they are. I’ve downloaded missing cue files and looked into them. The filenames are all correct, but sometimes there are 2 tracks of a ROM:


and sometimes


or similar. In the cue file I see the filenames and a “binary” at the end specifying, that it is a binary file. However, there is always the reference to “bin” files, even though there are “wav” files as tracks. For the last example:

file = “track1.bin” binary

file = “track2.bin” binary
file = “track3.bin” binary

Should I change them to .wav, since the files are wav files? And “binary” to “WAVE”? When I do this, do I have to add extra information to the wav file like it is shown here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuesheet ?

Thanks for your help