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Hi socialretrogamer,

To minimize false positives, On consoles I’m not actually using the name of the file only the extension so you could name them 1.nes, 2.nes and it should still work. The scraper is using the rom data itself. It hashes it and compare it to a hash to ID mapping database I generated by hand for each system it supports.

So there are several reasons it may not have scraped a rom:

  • Different ROM dump and therefore different hash. The Zelda2 could be bad, hacked, overdumped, or a rev no in the no-intro hashes I used.
  • No entry in thegamesdb, for SNES there are 3385 No-Intro roms and only 1055 games in the GDB. With clones I matched 2434.
  • No entry in my DB, because I have to manually add the hash>ID, I don’t automatically have new entries.