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So I fixed my issue by adding the path for the reicast script AND explicitly adding the .sh extension so that the entry in my es_systems.cfg file looks like so:


Now, however, I’m getting a new message/error when I try to run the emulator:

Reading the entire Reicast emulator into memory to execute from there…
nosym-reicast.elf' ->tmpfs/nosym-reicast.elf’
README.md' ->tmpfs/README.md’
reicast.elf' ->tmpfs/reicast.elf’
reicast.sh' ->tmpfs/reicast.sh’
cp: omitting directory ‘tmpfs’
Personality: 00C00000
Updated personality: 00800000
Error getting current terminal settings
Fatal error: failed to setup curses!

in main -> ../../linux-dist/main.cpp : 995
/opt/retropie/emulators/reicast/reicast.sh: line 10: 2966 Trace/breakpoint trap aoss ./
reicast.elf -config config:homedir=”/home/pi” -config config:image=”$1″
Freeing up memory…

Not sure if it’s helpful, but I installed the emulator from the experimental section of the setup script and copied over the 2 required BIOS files.