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update 2:
gamesliste in 32x is too bright, can hardly see the names
SNES, NES and PSX have on the left where the cover is some kind of shade, that is over the picture… hard to explain, the left side of the picture is darker than the right side of the picture. how can i remove this shade?

I seen the issue with the shade under certain resolutions previously but did not have the time then to look at the issue. I was hoping it would not follow over to the Raspberry Pi as all testing was in Windows.

What resolution are you running at? I will see what maybe causing it.


I think I figured out that issue. For some reason es does not properly ignore some code I have commented out on the main theme file so it puts the shade in. I will fix this in the next version.

If you want to fix it now just delete the following from the theme.xml in the main theme folder.

	<image name="measure" extra="true">
		<pos>0.25 0.5255</pos>
		<origin>0.5 0.5</origin>
		<size>0.49 0.825</size>
		<path>./../nbba theme/main/bg.png</path>