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[quote=102125]very nice! would like to see the atari “lynx” and vectrex in this list!

Btw, I downloaded it, followed your instructions for installation, but some backgrounds just appear white, like there is no artwork.


reboot ftw, works now :0)
i love this theme, just vectrex and lynx is missing ?

EmulationStation does that sometimes so you can just restart EmulationStation to fix it as well. I will look into those two. I had previously thought about doing them but had so many at the time to do.

[quote=102129]It is beautiful!
It is possible to choose to display only the games that have image?
Imagine I choose the option to only show the image of the game. If it has no picture, you will get a blank page. Or use a standard image according to the platform for the game that contains no image.
Consider just a suggestion.
Excellent job!

I have an idea how I could do it but as far as adding an image where there is not one in the gamelist I do not believe es has that capability. I can always display something behind art. I will look into it.