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I just went through the clrmamepro process. I get a small number of games that work, but 7/10 I still get file not found. /roms/mame and clrmamepro’d rebuilt my roms using mame4all DAT.

Since I don’t know the romset of my last DL, I am grabbing another which I know the version of, and is close to 0.154 which is the romset on RetroPie.

If I do the clrmamepro steps correctly, what is the success rate of a game loading? I’ve gone through about 20 classics, and I get maybe 3 out of those that work now.

Also, is it OK to SSH into the Pi with WinSCP and copy the roms to the folders that way, or is there something special that happens when you plug a USB stick into RetroPie and it copies over?