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[quote=101552]This looks really useful thanks.
Can you let us know what your criteria was when refining these in Romlister so we know whats been removed?


sure – here’s the two searches used:

for all fba-lr, minus neogeo and clones:
!'neogeo' & (!cloneof & !sample_name= & !emulation=preliminary)

for all fba-lr neogeo minus homebrew and clones:
'neogeo' & !'<manufacturer>homebrew</manufacturer>' & !'<year>????</year>' & (!cloneof & !sample_name= & !emulation=preliminary)
(i also then had to manually delete some homebrew/prototypes from romlister, and also amend the .xml file to include the neogeo.zip bios file, as it seems to want to remove that, regardless of the search string)

i’d like to eventually have .xml files for fba-lr and mame, which don’t cross over, as right now both systems have quite a bit of overlap. personal preference, but i feel like fba is for post-1990 releases, and mame for everything before.