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[quote=100791]Huh. I hadn’t noticed that because most of my emulators are set up to use dpad-as-button. I think I only have FBA/NeoGeo using dpad as an axis which I mapped from within the emulators.

The good news is, that’s not hard to fix for the retroarch emulators, you just have to shift the button assignments in retroarch.cfg. You’ll probably have to remap controls in MAME as well.


Basically before I did this button0=A, button1=B, button2=X, button3=Y…. Now button0=dpadup, button1=dpaddown….. Etc…

Now that it’s set up like this, even when it’s in “default” mode which is dpad mapped to the axis like it was, it still reserves the first 4 buttons for the dpad, even though in that mode it’s not using them as buttons, it still reserves those buttons for them…

So either way, if I do this, it still requires me to remap all of the buttons in the emulators, something I was trying to avoid. Looks like I don’t have a choice, I might as well just do away with having two different mappings and just add the dpad-as-button to the normal mapping and bit the bullet and remap everything/