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[quote=100552]Hey Doug!

I use this setup for my system. All my ROMS are on a USB thumbdrive with my microSD card holding only my retropie/kodi system files.

I edit the es_systems.cfg file by Puttying in with:

sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

I then make the necessary changes to the systems that need to look on the USB stick for roms.

My <file> syntax looks like this (for SNES anyway):


and then CNTL+X, ‘yes’, and then hit enter.

Of course on my USB drive I have, at root, a directory called retropie (which by the way is automatically created when USB service is turned on). And then inside retropie I have the various system folders – snes, nes, gba, etc…

One issue I had was when changing the directories in the es_systems.cfg file, I inadvertently left the default tilde (~) in the file path. The tilde tells retropie to start looking in the home directory on your SD card. Delete it and you’re good to go!

You may also want to double check where retropie thinks your USB drive is mounted. Mine happened to be at location usb0… but depending on what you have hooked up this could be anywhere between usb0-usb7.


If your retropie folder shows up then usb0 it is… if not, continue by pressing the UP arrow twice, delete the ‘0’ and type 1, hit enter, type ls. Continue changing the number at the end of usb until you find where your USB drive is mounted… but my guess in that it’s sitting at usb0.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for your reply and i used putty but as before when i go to save the file it tells me no such file or Dictionary ? . i cant get my head around it and been trying as 2 days with no luck in getting the file saved .