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[quote=100479]Hi Patrick

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I appreciate it!

I think my use of the terminology was wrong, by overlays i do in fact mean borders, and just at the sides of the 4:3 image. I’m building this for my niece and I want it to have some bells and whistles just so she knows what system shes playing on at any one time. I figured having some pictures of the consoles at the side would do the trick

I am using the shaders that come loaded with retropie, I’m just not sure what to set the other various video settings within RA if I’m using a shader. I’m not planning on overlaying scanlines as I’ve been reading that shaders are perfectly fine to use on a native 720p display.

You could just select the Hyllian shader and then add a border overlay. That sounds like what you are after.

yeah pretty much. So the Hyllian shader in /opt/retropie/emualtors/retroarch/shaders should be good for my purposes I guess. For things like integer scaling, crop overscan, and the other video settings, from what ive been reading I should be using:

Integer scaling – ON
Fullscreen mode – ON
Crop overscan – OFF
Aspect Ratio – 4:3 or core provided

That sound right?


You want to use the CRT-Hyllian located in …/shader/CRT/glow/
The one in the main directory will cause a performance drop
You could also try CRT-Hyllian-sharpness-hack

CRT Caligari is another good option

If you’re not that concerned about scaling artifacts, I would leave integer scale off. The shader should make them mostly unnoticeable.

For the overlays, I think there are a bunch included with RA but I haven’t really checked them out. You can make one pretty easily in a graphics editor like photoshop or GIMP. Just make an image the same size as the display resolution and draw the border where you want it to be, then turn the white to transparency using an alpha channel.