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Hi Patrick

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I appreciate it!

I think my use of the terminology was wrong, by overlays i do in fact mean borders, and just at the sides of the 4:3 image. I’m building this for my niece and I want it to have some bells and whistles just so she knows what system shes playing on at any one time. I figured having some pictures of the consoles at the side would do the trick

I am using the shaders that come loaded with retropie, I’m just not sure what to set the other various video settings within RA if I’m using a shader. I’m not planning on overlaying scanlines as I’ve been reading that shaders are perfectly fine to use on a native 720p display.

You could just select the Hyllian shader and then add a border overlay. That sounds like what you are after.

yeah pretty much. So the Hyllian shader in /opt/retropie/emualtors/retroarch/shaders should be good for my purposes I guess. For things like integer scaling, crop overscan, and the other video settings, from what ive been reading I should be using:

Integer scaling – ON
Fullscreen mode – ON
Crop overscan – OFF
Aspect Ratio – 4:3 or core provided

That sound right?