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USP allows perfect smooth scrolling and full synchronization with 50hz screen modes.
Just change /boot/config.txt
hdmi_mode=19 (for 720p) or 31 (for 1080p)

Also usp use GPU hardware accelerated features, software streching, work in real full screen…

btw, I finally make a working script, edit script and make necessary changes according your second script, but keeping file format structure untouched.
When I make a script from scratch in Notepad, it doesnt work, dont know why.

Only one thing remains for full integration in emulationstation, how to automatically load the game after the usp starts?
I tried earlier to add line usp=”/opt/retropie/emulators/usp/usp %ROM%” in emulators.cfg file, but this obviously not working.
Author claims that usp can start a game from the command line, but I dont know how to acheive this in emulation station.

Just one thing, can you explain to me this lines in your script

./unreal_speccy_portable “usp” (what “usp” means?)

addSystem 0 “$md_id” “zxspectrum” “$romdir/zxspectrum/” “zxspectrum” “.sh” (whats “zxspectrum” “.sh” part do exactly?)